Kiran Ayub

Kiran Ayub


Welcome to the Blush Knowledge Garden – a place where you can learn, grow and be inspired. Here you can read blogs related to self help and lifestyle topics which are written for you to enjoy the most out of life.

Read articles related to obtaining success, improving your health and well-being, as well as some guides on experiences you might like to try. You can also book a coaching session for one-on-one tailored guidance towards achieving goals, success, desires and stability.

About myself: I was born and raised in the UK, and currently based in London. Originally a software engineer, I am also passionate about helping others. I founded Blush Knowledge Garden as a place where I can inspire you to live your best life as well as to share my knowledge and advice. I want others to share the same success as I have obtained. I hope that you will gain benefit from my blogs and also enjoy the read!

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