Kiran Ayub

Kiran Ayub


Welcome to the Blush Knowledge Garden – a place where you can learn, grow and be inspired. I’m Kiran and I help the Muslim community with manifesting their goals and desires in health, wealth and relationships using exculsive Blush techniques. I use the Blush IBT Formula which I have developed after YEARS of manifesting and realising what works and what doesn't. I now want to help others manifest their desires using this formula which gets me results EVERY TIME. So I know it will get you results EVERY TIME too! This formula is exclusivly taught only in the Blush Knowledge Garden. Learn more about the IBT Formula here.

About myself: I was born and raised in the UK, and currently based in London. Originally a software engineer, I am also passionate about helping others. I founded Blush Knowledge Garden as a place where I can teach people how to manifest their desires after having successfully cracked the secret to manifesting my own desires!

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