Sep. 3rd 2020

Simple Fitness Guide For Beginners

By Kiran
In recent times, many gyms have been closed due to the outbreak of Covid-19 so people are left stuck at home, and are generally idle. This fitness guide is for those people who have gone a long time without having done much exercise, and don’t know where to begin or how to get fit again.

This guide reveals a simple yet effective way to get fit. The only things you need to follow this guide are a skipping rope and a stop-watch timer (you can use the timer on your phone).

Get fit in two simple steps:

1. Begin by skipping for 30 seconds

This is your first time putting your body under stress, so start off with a small goal. The goal being to skip for 30 seconds. It's okay if you miss a skip, you will naturally get better at keeping the pace over time. Catch your breath after 30 seconds, and then repeat another 4 more rounds of skipping for 30 seconds.

2. Move to doing 30 sit-ups

After 5 rounds of 30 second skipping, move to doing 30 sit-ups. This is when you lie on your back with your hands behind your head and then slide your body up to your knees.

These are all the exercises you need to be doing to obtain a healthy fitness level. The goal now is to increase the skipping time by +10 seconds and increase the sit-up count by +5 every couple of days.

Ensure you take break days as well whenever you need them to allow your body to heal from the workout and build itself stronger. Stay persistent, and you will see significant results within one month to your fitness level. Not only this, but it is easy to keep track of your fitness level this way and continue to improve. You can also lose weight and tone your body this way providing you eat a healthy balanced diet.