Dec. 7th 2020

London Experience Day - Elegant Mayfair

By Kiran
The elegant area of Mayfair – well known for its upper-class taste; this is one place you must visit if you truly want to experience royal London.

Mayfair is situated next to Green Park, and opposite Buckingham Palace, so coming here you can fully experience the Royal side of London.

Begin the day starting at Green Park station and take a stroll along the pavement passed the high-end shops. You will find picturesque alleyways like below which give you a glimpse of how old London used to be. They make you feel like you’re walking through old London history and the streets themselves tell their own stories.

You will find here many high-end posh hotels, and it is an ideal location to stay for visiting places such as Buckingham Palace and St James' Park. It is also an ideal location if you wish to experience London’s Royal and prestigious side, as hotels are hidden away in these quiet streets of Mayfair and situated close to the high-class apartments and homes.

Park Lane Hotel
Take a walk through Green Park and arrive at the gates of Buckingham Palace. This is the highlight of London, the office of the Queen and the landmark of London. Here you can experience the delight of the soldier guards as they put on a show for tourists in performing their royal duties. There is plenty to see here and take pictures.

Buckingham Palace
Complete the day with a visit to St James’ park and then return in time for a meal at one of the prestigious restaurants of Mayfair.

St James' Park
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