Sep. 3rd 2020

London Experience Day - An Imperial Garden Trail

By Kiran
In this guide I will take you through the most eloquent part of London where you can truly experience an aristocratic themed day.

Begin the trail with afternoon tea at Earl’s Court Road where you will find a beautiful regal café called Dolci Coffee & Juice. Here you can choose from a selection of reasonably priced cakes and sandwiches, as well as various hot drinks and snacks. The café also serves ice-cream, desserts and breakfast items.

The best thing about the café is that it is beautifully themed. Sitting here, you truly feel like you're living a royal experience, as the food and drinks are served in princess crockery, and the furniture is also royal themed. There is also a large backdrop flower wall which you can use to take pictures.

Dolci Coffee & Juice
Dolci Coffee & Juice
Next take a 10-minute walk along Earl’s Court Road, passing the aristocratic terraced London homes, until you reach the gates of Holland Park. This park is one of the most beautifully designed parks in London, and contains some of the most picturesque gardens. The aura here feels so prestigious and tranquil. Entry to the park is completely free.

The park is home to Kyoto Gardens – a Japanese inspired garden containing a beautiful pond and waterfall. You will often find here visitors feeding the squirrels. There are also toilet facilities and an outdoor café (which is a bit pricey). The park also contains a venue block that is used for weddings and various occasion celebrations. If you are lucky you might also see a wedding being held!

Holland Park - Kyoto Gardens
Holland Park - Kyoto Gardens
Once you have fully enjoyed the atmosphere of the park, take the exit that is closest to the Kyoto Garden and head your way to the Holland Park Tube Station . As you walk there you will pass some of London most luxury regal villas and London's famous mews homes.

London Mews Homes
Once you arrive at Holland Park Tube Station, take a bus to Queensway – which is a few stops along the road (7 minutes). Get off at Queensway and you will immediately see the gates to Kensington Gardens – home to Kensington Palace. Again, entry to the park is completely free.

Take your time to enjoy the wide-open space of Kensington Gardens. It is enjoined with Hyde Park making it the biggest park in central London. You could literally spend the whole day here as there is so much to do. The park contains lots of space for picnics and more picturesque scenes. Here you can admire the Princess Diana memorial pond, the grand Kensington Palace home, the Albert memorial and visit the Serpentine Art Gallery.

Kensington Gardens
Kensington Palace
The park contains many exits which you can take once you have finished.

So that concludes the London Imperial Garden Trail. If you enjoyed this, you can also check out the London Experience Day - Vintage Postcard for another London experience day.

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