How To Practice Self Love Properly

By Kiran
Self love is your foundation to manifesting anything you want. All desired manifestations root from a place of self love.

Self love covers a plethora of practices, but essentially, it is your "God" state. The self love state is when you are embodying your true nature. You are being 100% yourself. In this state you are detached from the external realm and are only focusing on your internal realm. It is being present in the moment and shifting your consciousness into the now. This is the state in which you are fully connected to God. Self love can also be described as soul nourishment.

To practice self love you can do anything which provokes you to be in the state described above. There are levels of self love and can range from meditating to simple everyday things like taking a walk in nature, keeping fit, eating healthy, being mindful of your body and health, goal setting -anything that makes you feel good in this way, which nourishes your soul. Self love is all about living for yourself, taking care and loving yourself.

Here are some examples of everyday self love:

  • Taking yourself out on dates
  • Keeping fit
  • Setting and striving for your goals
  • Doing things your passionate about
  • Speaking kindly to yourself
  • Motivating yourself
  • Thinking positive
  • Meditating / Praying

These are some examples of situational self love:

  • Standing up for yourself
  • Setting boundaries
  • Prioritising yourself and your needs
  • Being there for yourself when you feel down
  • Comforting yourself