Aug. 19th 2020

The Simple 3 Step Formula to Manifesting ANYTHING you Want

By Kiran
Manifesting is easy. This is what we were born to do. We are meant to experience our desires. Unfortunately, most people don't know that we can have anything we want. People put limiting beliefs upon themselves because they think they don't deserve it or its "impossible" to obtain. Actually, our beliefs play a big part in manifesting. Believing is the deciding factor to whether you succeed in manifesting or not.

So here is the simple formula which can be simplified into IBT:

1. Declare your desire. (Intention)
2. Believe you will obtain it. (Believe)
3. Let it go and trust that it is coming to you. (Trust)

Now let me break this down...

The first step: "Declare your desire". This is setting your intention for what desire you would like to obtain. It's important you are clear about this, because you will get exactly what you ask for. When declaring your desire, do it in a quiet place, at a time when your mind is most relaxed and you feel calm inside. This is because your declaration will include the feeling state that you are in. As I often mention, your internal state creates your external reality, so that's why you must be stable internally and in a state of self love if you want to make sure you get what you actually want. In order to be clear about your desire, there are many techniques you can use to ensure you declare it clearly. You can use scripting, imagining or simply speak it out loud. See my YouTube videos where I speak in more detail about how to do this correctly. The important thing to know, is when you are declaring, you feel that desire to be already yours. When you know what that feels like; and it feels good, then you know you have declared your desire properly.

Once you have made your declaration, the next thing you need to do is believe that you will obtain it. This is also a declaration. When you feel that you believe with unwavering certainty that it will be yours, then you have completed this step. If you are struggling to believe, then you must do the internal work so that you can complete this step. You can also book a coaching session with me if you would like one-on-one guidance.

The last step is to "Let it go and trust that it is coming to you." Now this is different because it's not a declaration, but an ongoing state of being you must stay in until you obtain your desire. Think of it like handing over your order to the higher power (God) and just knowing it's being sorted out for you, and there is nothing else more you need to do. Just sit back and relax.

The more you remain in this state, the easier it will be for you to manifest because doing this will ensure you remain stable whilst your desire comes to you. Not only this, but the more you remain in this state, the faster your desire will get to you because you will naturally overcome blocks that might be in the way of you and your desire. It is also important to note that in this last step, do not try to interfere in the process of your desire coming to you. Doing so, will only set you back, and throw you out of stability. Just allow the events of your life to unfold naturally.

This last step can be tricky for some people, as it requires you to believe and be patient. The only way the last step can be done is by pacticing self love . You can only let go of your desire and trust that it will come if you are in a state of self love. That is because in the self love state, you do not need your desire. You are fulfilled even without it. So there is a sense of detachment regarding your desire. Self love can be practiced in a wide range of ways.

To know more about what practices fall under the umbrella of self love, please continue to read my articles and watch my YouTube videos.