What is Manifesting?

By Kiran
Have you ever been thinking about something, and then all of a sudden you see that very thing appear before your eyes which you were just thinking about? Have you ever found that events in your life seem to repeat themselves? Have you ever wondered why when good things happen in your life - it's like everything good starts happening, but then when bad things happen its like everything starts going wrong. Well, that is all the work of manifestation.

Manifesting is the concept that we are responsible for our own realities. Everything in our external reality (our day to day lives) is a manifestation of our inner realm (which comprises of our thoughts, beliefs, feelings and imaginal acts). Most of us are not aware that we are actually responsible for our external reality directly from what is going on in our inner realm. Most of us don't realise that we are in FULL control of our realities - because EVERYTHING that happens in our lives is actually a manifestation from within us.

With this is mind, we can take control of our realities by first becoming aware that we are responsible for our reality. Next we must control our inner realm so that it only outputs desired manifestations as opposed to undesired manifestations. This can be achieved by detaching ourselves from the external realm and focusing on our inner realm through practicing self love. Being too attached to the external realm is what causes us to experience undesired manifestations, whilst remaining in a state of self love ensures that we only experience desired manifestations. This is because our inner world is creating our outer world, and by practicing self love, this ensures our inner world is in the best state possible so that it only outputs what we want.

See the How To Practice Self Love Properly article for more information how to do this.

By realising that our inner realm is correlated with our external reality, we can actually manipulate our inner realm in such a way to output a specific manifestation on our external. This can be achieved using the Blush IBT formula.

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