Aug. 19th 2020

Self Love - The Key To Your Entire Life

By Kiran
Self Love. The key to your entire life. Something so significant yet so undermined in this modern day. The majority of people live their lives chasing after their desires, but don't realise that they already have their desire. Their desires exist within self love.

So what is self love first of all? Well, it is literally loving yourself! The same way you might love something or someone else, self love is very much seeing yourself in the same way. This means knowing you are special, worthy, beautiful and loved. It also means you take care of yourself, prioritise yourself and focus on yourself.

You might wonder what loving yourself so much will help you at all in your life? The answer to this is actually so profound, that it can't all be covered in just this one article, but this article will give you a good idea in case you are new to this idea.

Self love is the root to healing, manifesting, attaining stability in your life and becoming successful. You cannot achieve any of these things without self love. To practice it involves shifting your state of being from focusing on the 'external' world to your 'internal' world. And making your 'internal' world more important than your 'external'.

Now here is the secret... Your 'external' world is actually just a mirror reflection of your 'internal' world. The external world is your day to day reality, and your internal world is the state of being within yourself comprising of your thoughts, feelings and your beliefs.

Now if your internal world is being loved, your external world will simply affirm that which your internal world is emitting. Ultimately, this is how you can attract anything you want. For example, do you want a relationship where someone loves you deeply and unconditionally? You must first love yourself deeply and unconditionally. Do you want to attract wealth? Feel wealthy right now. Do you want to be successful? Believe you are already successful. Do you want to be beautiful? Believe you are already beautiful. Do you want abundance? Know you are already abundant!

On the flip side, when you don't love yourself, again the external will simply reflect that. When you are not loving yourself, you are looking to your external to provide you with that which you believe is missing. This is known as "chasing" and occurs when you are in the state of being of "lack". By being in this state, you will only get more of that which you are emitting. More lack. In this state you will find your desires are out of reach and you can never obtain them no matter how hard you try. You will find that relationships always fail on you, money never comes to you or you just never seem to get what you want. The reason for this is your inner world is just reflecting that. So if you want to change your external, you have to change your internal world first.

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